Tinkering with SVG fill patterns

Repeated discs, <circle>, as fill pattern

010101010101011011101 101011101010100100100 110010011010101011001

Text (binary) as fill pattern using <text> and <tspan>

Embedded image file as fill pattern; using <image>

Miscellaneous logo design

Current logo

A Visio shape based on heptagram (seven-point star), where straight strokes are replaced with hand edited arcs. Created in Microsoft Visio with fine-tuning in Adobe Photoshop. And a CSS drop-shadow filter is used for the hover effect.

Old, Durango BPA (Business Process Automation) logo

A complex logo made using a gear plugin to MS Visio and lots of fill layers (clock, binary, flow chart, etc) via Photoshop.

Old WE-IS WellPro logo

A collage design, Word, Visio and Photoshop. WellPro was a Microsoft Visio Add-in that I created for the oil and gas industry.

JobChum logo

A pencil sketch by my son, 10 years old at the time. Color fill via Photoshop.