WellPro is a Microsoft Visio add-in built around VSTO (and MS Office PIA's), .NET Framework 2.0, C#, and WinForms
It is used by oil and gas operators to digitalize well sites and help manage construction, maintenance and regulatory obligations.

  • Create accurately scaled and standardized well site drawings
  • Generate site survey data and work orders
  • Calculation of secondary containment requirements for SPCC compliance

Site survey screenshots

Typical well site (conventional gas)

The Visio drawing below is a digital version of the well site pictured above. Field technicians can quickly whip up scaled drawings to replace hand-drawn sketches. And thanks to rangefinder binoculars, all from the comfort of their air conditioned trucks!

The solution leverages extensible Visio "SmartShapes". SmartShapes can be used to prompt the user to enter properties and parameters about shapes (equipment, machinery, excavation, hazards, etc.), as they are dragged onto the drawing surface. The properties can drive geometry and formatting as well as more complex functionality. For example, auto-generated work orders and secondary containment metrics.

This approach reduces mistakes by enforcing standardization and consistency between users.

The red dashed lines represent standard/safe setbacks between equipment and machinery; they are integrated (as a layer) into the shape. The user can hide/unhide setbacks, change their distance property, and their geometry (circle or square).

These extensible (and powerful) features are built into the Visio "shape" paradigm, via its "ShapeSheet". The Visio ShapeSheet is complex, and mastering it is key to building powerful SmartShapes and really cool Visio-based solutions!

Site Survey form - A "WinForm" that drives the active drawing. The data is stored in the Visio drawings' ShapeSheet.
Primary WinForm controls:

  • Well selection via ComboBox (dropdown). Well names are loaded from DB and the associated drawing's' file name is derived from the well name.
  • Well info tabs via TabControl (with 4 tabs)

Survey tab #1 - "Well Info"

Survey tab #2 - ""Work Oder Checklist""

Auto generated work order

Secondary containment calculator screenshots

Typical tank battery

Associated layout in Visio with custom tank and berm, "Visio Smartshapes"

Berm SmartShape

Tank SmartShape

Secondary containment detail report

It even worked with an oval shaped (corrugated steel) containment structure!
Note, given the manifold between tanks 4 and 5 (acting as one 800 bbl tank), the secondary containment is insufficient; indicated by the red font. The volume is 84% of what is required (per SPCC reg's) and the freeboard is a negative 5.7 inches.