Drum roll please.........your User Agent is...

...and probably a mobile device.

So, you ask, what the heck is this geek speak?

Every request you make while surfing the web is supposed to include a user agent string. It's a hodgepodge of information that is designed to tell the web server something about the web client. The web client is your browser, and put in context of the OS and hardware it's running on, you get "User Agent". The HTTP User-Agent string contains tidbits of data, (product tokens), that are supposed to identify things like:

What is it used for?

Techniques for detecting a mobile device commonly make use of the user agent string. Sometimes this will cause the web visitor to be redirected to a "mobile" site. It may even be used to drive advertising.

This site uses open source, regular expressions, found at Detect Mobile Browsers, to detect mobile. It's not an exact science by any means!