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BPA (Business Process Automation)

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A 3 part video series about Business Process Automation (BPA) that discusses what BPA is and how advances in software development are making BPA more available to businesses of all sizes. Part 1 describes BPA in terms of varying business perspectives. Parts 2 and 3 analyze and demonstrate a case study taken from the gas patch of the San Juan Basin.


I've always said that the greatest compliment that a programmer can ever receive, (besides getting paid), is that of seeing your software get used and used, and then used a little more. This feeling is especially noticeable when an extremely convoluted, manual and repetitive business process is transformed into a fast, lean and accurate task. The floodgates of productivity open, user satisfaction is palatable...and you get paid! These scenarios are best described in terms of BPA, an acronym for Business Process Automation.

Enter modern web app design

Advances over the last 5 years are changing the landscape of how custom solutions are designed and developed for business. The mobile space and web standardization are driving a revolution in application design and development. Intuitive and powerful business front-ends that run on any web browser are replacing the traditional desktop solution at an ever increasing rate.  And also, older web applications that were designed at the height of the browser wars are becoming painfully obsolete; both in terms of maintainability and usability.

The advances in web application design coincide with advances in development techniques.  Advanced tools to prototype sophisticated web applications are now more numerous and often freely available. The following 3 part (6 videos) series is a case study in applying modern web application design to tackle a nutty sales scenario faced by a manufacturer of specialized equipment used in natural gas production.

BPA video series